After NetFlix its Spotify’s turn to go Cloud!

NetFlix has announced in February this year that it is going to get rid of its data center infrastructure to become cloud based by this month end. Spotify which serves music to more than 75 million users on daily basis is soon going to follow the same. Google Cloud Platform(GCP) has announced that it is going to partner with Spotify to deliver backend services through its platform.

Spotify which hosts more than 2 billion playlists and gives its consumers access to more than 30 million songs on daily basis is all set to rely on Google Cloud Platform services in coming weeks and months.

Till date, the music megalithic was offering core services through its infrastructure and buying or leasing data center space for other service offerings.

Recently Spotify decided it didn’t want to be in the data center business, and chose Cloud Platform over the public cloud competition after careful review and testing. The company split their migration to Cloud Platform into two streams: a services track and a data track.

Spotify runs their products on a multitude of tiny microservices, several of which are now being moved from on premise data centers into Google’s cloud using our Cloud Storage, Compute Engine and other products.

Google Compute engine will offer Spotify consistent performance with high IOPS SSD and Local SSD storage capabilities. Moreover, with auto-scaling features, Spotify can have resilient and cost-efficient applications that use just the right amount of resources necessary at a given time.

In coming weeks, Spotify will also use Google’s cloud networking services, such as Direct Peering, Cloud VPN and Cloud Router, to transfer Petabytes of data. This will help users of the music service experience a fast, reliable and secure service.

Exciting….isn’t it?


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