VMware forms new hybrid cloud appliance with IBM Softlayer public cloud

IBM Softlayer Public Cloud early this week announced a strategic partnership with VMware based private cloud allowing customers migrate their workloads back and forth between two platforms.

Under this partnership, organizations running VMware based private cloud won’t have to modify workloads in order to run them on IBM SoftLayer public Cloud. Thus, the new capability allows vCloud Air customers to skip the time consuming process of converting workloads from one format to another when migrating workloads.

The new deal of VMware with IBM has come up just after the former announced a staff layoff last month and said it won’t be making additional investment in building out the service. VMware made an announcement in last September that it is thinking to stop development of new features, and since then, it has lost most of its top ranking executives.

Going with the history, VMware actually has a 14-year old partnership with IBM, but much of it has been centered on IBMs system X server business till date. But now, the business has been purchased by Lenovo in 2014.

With new partnership with the virtualization giant, IBM is looking to use entire software defined data center stack of VMware, which includes vCloud Suite, NSX SDN and VSAN storage virtualization. IBM feels that all of these can act as a topping on its Softlayer.

So, what’s in your mind about this latest affiliation? Share your views through comments section below.




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