Synchronous Data Replication Vs Asynchronous Data Replication

Replication is used as a data protection service for mission critical applications. If a data center does down for any reason, replication process done prior to it helps in recovering the data from a disaster. As a result, in recent times, replication has proved to be the most suitable and agile data transfer and protection method in increasingly virtualized IT environments.

Technically speaking, data replication technique is of two types-Synchronous and Asynchronous replication and in this article we will discuss about the pros and cons of each technology.

Asynchronous replication- In this replication, data is written to a primary and secondary site. Data arrives at the replication target from the replication host with a delay, ranging from nearly instantaneous to minutes or even hours. If the replication is being done to a geographically separate data center, then Asynchronous replication is considered to be effective, as it cohesively works with network latency and is bandwidth tolerant. For this reason, some storage experts call this method as “Store and forward”.

Synchronous Replication- In this data replication, data is written to both the primary and secondary area at the same time. So, data remains identical and current on both sources. As the process works quickly, there is small margin of error.

The recovery point objective of synchronous replication is almost “Zero”. With Asynchronous replication the RPO is 15 minutes to a few hours.

So, which is best?

It actually depends on the project. For longer distance replication, asynchronous replication may prove as the only option. For data replication without any errors, synchronous is the only answer. Also a lot depends on the budget of the user. Asynchronous is less costly, when compared to synchronous replication.

StoneFly is one such vendor which offers to its customers the privilege of replicating data to StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC). All those users who are using physical or Virtual StoneFly iSCSI and FC SAN storage appliances can replicate their data to StoneFly CBC in an affordable way. By doing so, users of these appliances can quickly add one or more disaster recovery sites for important data.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Remote Replication service.




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