Geovision releases H.265 VMS that supports Windows 10

Video surveillance related equipment makers are slowly moving to High Efficiency Video Coding HEVC and Geovision seems to the first OEM to offer Video Management Software compatible with H.265 and supporting Microsoft’s Windows 10.

The latest video management software will be an updated version of Geovision’s GV VMS released in 2015 and will have the capability of recording up to 64 channels at a time

Windows 10 compatible Geovision’s latest VMS takes all the positives from the previous version and takes it a step forward to make it even more powerful, providing security industry processionals with the most powerful IP Video Surveillance software on the market.

With support to H.265, users of the new VMS can expect utmost video quality at low bit rates to optimize network usage and reduce storage costs. The compatibility will also help High MP IP cameras to operate more efficiently without disruption on network infrastructure.

The new VMS from Geovision GV-VMS v15.10 will also include many market hyped features apart from supporting HEVC technology. It includes support to outdoor intelligent motion detection to decrease false alarms from natural motion like rain, snow, wave, motion of trees and grass. The heat map feature embedded in the VMS will assist retail managements in identifying hot zones.

Other new feature in v15.10 will include support for camera corridor mode, integration with access control and LPR, and GPU decoding and GPU fisheye de-warping.

And since Windows 10 is the future Geovision has come with the latest VMS supporting it to the core.



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