Hyper Converged appliances excel at AFCEA/USNI West 2016!

AFCEA/UNSI West 2016 witnessed a lot of attention for Hyper Converged appliances which offer computing, storage, virtualization and networking in one single easy to manage box. AFCEA is an international organization that serves its members by providing a forum for the ethical exchange of information. The organization in association with USNI (US Naval Institute) organizes a trade show every year which was held at San Diego Convention Center on Feb 17th-19th in this year.

The visitors at this trade show were super impressed with the concept of hyper convergence having the potential to revolutionize military network centric warfare and enabling the deployment of powerful data centers in light military vehicles to bring wideband military internet capability to the leading edge of the battlefield.

A hyper converged system enables users to manage integrated technologies as one system through a common tool set. Also hyper converged Systems can expand by adding nodes to the base unit.

Although, this design approach is becoming common today in the corporate data centers. Addition of rugged embedded computing, rugged data routers, rugged data storage systems and similar technologies is beginning to bring power networked and virtual computing to the battlefield.

Hence, seeing the demand for such appliances, traditional companies offering military grade appliances such as DNF Defense are considering introducing hyper converged design trend into their product offerings to defense industry.

To know more call 510.265.1122.


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