How to avoid a data disaster?

Disasters can strike data centers at any time and as per a recent survey conducted by IDC, a single minute of downtime costs $7,900 loss for businesses. Hence, to avoid a data access disaster, enterprises should have a proper and effective data continuity plan on premises. To understand this scenario in a better way let’s go with an example.

Imagine, if you have all your data centralized at your main office. And if in case, a fire or hurricane strikes that data center, then those working from branch offices might face trouble accessing the data. If a company’s work objective is data intensive, then whole of its future can turn risky with a single data outage. This is where a cloud based backup can help those businesses survive the outage with ease.

In a cloud based backup for disaster recovery, data is written simultaneously to the in-house appliance and to a private or public cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure. This helps the branch or remote offices to get access to data, even if the access to in-house appliance in the main data center gets disconnected. As soon as the access gets disconnected, users of remote offices can customize their server settings in such a way that the data access is done from the cloud. This ensures data continuity and hence works perfect as a business continuity plan.

StoneFly, a wholly owned business unit of DNF offers StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery software which automates data backup to secure cloud storage platform. Just install this software application on your server and enjoy the benefits of cloud based recovery. Users can set up the backup schedule as per their needs and enjoy the privilege of continuous data protection. All the data which needs to be backed up will directly go to the virtual drive created in the cloud.

So, whenever new data is created, the backup will be automated to the virtual drive. Users can also set up a local backup, if they want to send only some of their data to the cloud and keep the rest on a local storage device.

CDR365 will backup data in an incremental way and so only changed parts of the file will be updated. The storage admin can receive confirmation emails when backups are successful or if there is a problem.

If in case, the in-house storage appliance gets dysfunctional for some reason like Human error or due to software glitches, then the main office executives can also use the cloud based data backup for all their data access needs.

Thus, StoneFly CDR365 serves as a dual purpose resource. To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly CDR365 Disaster Recovery web link.


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