StoneFly Hyper Converged appliance users will never need forklift upgrades!

At some point of time, every small or big business data center has to go for a forklift upgrade. This is to keep up pace with the latest technological developments and to accommodate business growth with the help of IT resources.

Hyper Convergence helps users to manage compute, storage, virtualization and networking through a single box. Since, it helps in consolidating and resizing the data center, the feature will prove advantageous to all those server farms which are looking for ways to save power and cooling costs.

StoneFly, Inc. a wholly owned business unit of Dynamic Network Factory offers USS series of Hyper Converged appliances which replace the “fixed hardware model” of the past with on-demand resource allocation based on application needs.

The USS appliance includes a Virtual SAN Storage Appliance (SCVM™) and the ability to create additional Virtual Storage or Servers as needed. By migrating existing Windows and Linux physical servers to VMware-compatible Virtual Machines on the StoneFly USS appliance, users can greatly reduce their hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

And as the demand for performance and capacity grow simultaneously, new nodes can be added. As StoneFly USS runs on the patented StoneFusion software, automating is available at your finger tips.

Thus, when everything is being offered on a futuristic note by VMware technology partner StoneFly, why go for another vendor?

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Hyper Converged product portfolio.



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