Use StoneFly offsite storage on Azure cloud for regulatory compliance

Data Protection is vital to any business and vaulting happens to be one such strategy which sends critical data out of the main data center location as part of disaster recovery plan.

Before the cloud showed its prominence, data was usually transported to offsite vaults using removable storage media such as magnetic tape or optical storage. This practice ensures that systems and servers can be reloaded with the latest data in the event of disaster, accidental error or system crash.

StoneFly in association with Microsoft Azure platform offers cloud storage service which acts as electronic vaulting or e-vaulting. Electronic vaulting has been used by companies to mean different things. In StoneFly, Inc. perspective, E-vaulting is to replicate data online to a cloud data center which is geographically separated from the main premises.

Therefore, companies which require using offsite storage for regulatory compliance can use StoneFly Cloud Drive on Microsoft Azure. By replicating their data to a StoneFly Cloud Drive, they immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of additional physical appliances, along with their associated operating expenses such as power and cooling costs. With StoneFly’s Cloud Drive Remote Replication service they can rest assured that their data is secure and protected against loss with a minimum of 3 copies of data within Azure’s datacenter.

If an outage or disaster occurs on-premises, the StoneFly Cloud Drive can be quickly mounted as a remote iSCSI drive to easily access all of your data that has been asynchronously replicated to Azure.

For branched offices which access data from your main data center, StoneFly Cloud drive can act as a boon, when something unimaginative occurs. The remote offices can access data from the cloud, rather than the main data center. Hence, remote replication to a StoneFly Cloud Drive ensures minimum downtime and maximum data availability should the unthinkable occur.

Note- Apart from online replication of data to StoneFly Cloud Drive, all StoneFly physical storage appliance users can also avail the service of offsite vaulting. StoneFly users can transfer data to portable drives and send them to Offsite vault of StoneFly. This practice helps in keeping data continuity feature active when the requirement arises.



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