How to fool a CCTV system?

It’s now a world renowned fact that CCTV helps in deterring criminals and helps in nabbing those who have done wrong. But at times, we feel the need to remain undetected and that’s when this article can acts as a guiding source.

The reason to remain undetected can be many, but in the end the security camera- analog or IP has to bear the consequences.

Hence, enough said, let’s start with the tricks to blind the surveillance cameras

  • By focusing an LED lamp on a security camera, one can make the recording device blind. This method works well only when it dark and when the flashlight focus is directly hitting the camera lens. But beware that proactive solutions can alert the vigilant guard about the suspicious action within no time.
  • Sometimes by attaching an infrared led to the body, hat, or a head band can also help. The LEDs help a person in bloating his/her face on a security camera.
  • Pointing a laser light at the lens of the camera can also make the device blind for ever. This method works in day or night.
  • If the camera is reachable, then rubbing grease, peanut butter (yeah which we hate to eat the most) or Vaseline on the lens can also help in blinding the camera.
  • If the camera is not within the reach of the hand, then using a paint gun to blind the lens can prove as an affective measure.
  • Cable cutting can also prove as an affective option. But what if the camera is dispersing the video content through Wi-Fi? Then using a jammer can make sense…..isn’t it?
  • Then how to remain undetected from video analytics technologies such as facial recognition? Well, as the technology is becoming sophisticated day by day, it’s becoming hard to fox analytics. But using a face point can help in remaining undetected from cameras which are being enriched with FR technology.

Have anymore to include. Please say it through our comments section below and we will add it to the article.

Note- Blinding a security surveillance camera can obscure your identity, but not your presence. And remember, in some countries it is illegal to hide yourself from surveillance cameras. So, be carefully, vigilant and smart about what you’re doing because you’ll only get one shot.


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