Over 40 percent of world data is on Seagate hard drives

Seagate’s Technology President, Phil Brace, announced to the world that over 40 percent of world data was on Seagate hard drives. This fact was revealed during Brace’s brief visit to India in March 2016.

According to Brace, storage world is transforming on a tremendous note. Earlier, people used to focus more on servers or the compute first and used to give a second thought to storage. But now they realize that customer data and its security is very important and they need to focus on data aspects like how to protect, analyze, store, and back- up and save it.

Thus, with this perspective on the prowl, people are taking storage on a much serious note and considering it on the forefront like servers or the compute. Although storage historically has been a sleepy relatively slow moving industry, but now we see a lot of product research and innovation happening as things is moving into the cloud. So it’s an exciting time for us in the storage industry, said Phil Brace.

Brace added, if you look at our biggest customers including HP, Lenovo, Del, IBM and others like StoneFly, Inc. They are continuing to invest in services and software and want companies like Seagate to provide storage based solutions.

So, Seagate’s mission is to be a prominent storage building block provider to those companies.



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