Consider the following questions when evaluating a Thin Provisioning enriched storage array

Thin Provisioning concept might look simple to comprehend, but it’s a complex technology to implement on an effective note. In simple terms, Thin Provisioning (TP) is a term used to describe the consolidation and automated process of allocating just the exact required amount of server space at the time when it is needed.

Let’s understand this concept with a simple example. Suppose a C: drive is allocated with 100GB of capacity. But it only contains 10GB of files then the rest of the 90GB space allocation gets wasted. Suppose Thin Provisioning is implemented the allocated space will be mapped to 10GB of capacity in the array. And as new files are written, the array would pull additional capacity from the free pool and assign it to that server.

But before going for a storage solution which includes thin provisioning, consider the following questions, which reflect the broad spectrum of approaches to this challenge. Note that not all capabilities are required in all situations.

  • Is thin provisioning includes in the purchase price or is it an extra cost option?
  • Does the array support zero page reclaim? How often does the reclamation process run?
  • What is the page size or thin provisioning increment?
  • Does thin provisioning work in harmony with snapshots, mirroring and replication? Is thick-to -thin provisioning supported?
  • What does the array do when it entirely fills up? What’s the process of alerting, freeing capacity and halting writes?
  • Does the array support WRITE_SAME? What about CSI UNMAP or ATA TRIM?

StoneFly Inc. offers thin provisioning enriched IP SAN solutions. The company’s patented StoneFusion Networking Operating System offers thin provisioning feature which helps in utilizing storage resources to the maximum and eliminates storage resource wastage by freeing stranded storage and making it available on the IP Network.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly StoneFusion


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