Replace your comatose servers with StoneFly Hyper Converged Appliances

Enterprises located worldwide invest billions of dollars in servers with an aim of supporting the peak capacity needs of their organization. But in reality, peak capacity is rarely seen- so a lot of that server hardware sits idle.

In a 2015 survey conducted by Anthesis Group in association with Stanford University, it was revealed that over 3.6 million servers were comatose in United States alone. That means, all these servers are being under utilized and are doing nothing except consume power.

The survey revealed that on a worldwide note, they are over 10 million servers which are comatose, bringing $30 billion unproductive loss to data center capital, when an average server cost of $3k is taken after ignoring infrastructure capital.

Now, the only way to conserve energy and save resources is to decommission comatose servers.

“It’s a pretty common problem”, said Melanie Posey, research vice president at IDC. “And the reason it came about is kind of an artifact of the pre-virtualization world”. It was a time when every application ran on dedicated physical servers. Virtualization was expected to reduce the reliance on physical servers, but widespread technology adoption led to another problem: virtual machine sprawl, according to Posey.

In the face of inefficiency, enterprises are increasingly outsourcing their infrastructure needs to cloud service providers. By doing so, businesses can not only reduce their on-premises footprint, but can also isolate themselves from unnecessary costs.

Now, what if you are not interested in depending on third parties for your server needs?

Just consolidate your entire server and storage environment with Hyper Converged appliances. A hyper converged storage appliance is a software defined approach to storage management that combines storage, compute, networking and virtualization technologies in one easy to manage physical appliance.

StoneFly’s Unified Storage & Server Appliances are the ideal hyper converged infrastructure solution to consolidate all of your server and storage systems into one ease to manage appliance. Use of virtualized operating system allows complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs. By migrating your existing Windows and Linux physical servers to VMware-compatible Virtual Machines on the StoneFly USS appliance, you can greatly reduce your hardware footprint and run many more applications on much less hardware.

Campus mirroring to a second on-premises StoneFly USS appliance and asynchronous replication to a USS appliance at a remote site or in the cloud makes the USS the perfect business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

Subsequently, instead of using 10-12 servers, just consolidate your data center into one redundant and high available appliance. In future, if your performance and storage needs grow along with your business, then you can simply add nodes as per your requirement. If in case, you are in awe with cloud, StoneFly Cloud Drive hosted in Microsoft Azure can act as a perfect platform to get storage on fly. Thus, instead of having storage footprint in your premises, have it in the cloud.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Hyper Converged Appliance catalog.



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