Sony brings in BluRay disc filled archival solution with 100 year storage warranty!

Sony is planning to make tape storage solutions obsolete with its BluRay disc Archival solution which has a 100 year storage warranty. Yes, you have seen it right- with a 100 yr warranty on disc.

Known as Everspan, Sony’s new BluRay disc storage system for archival needs can store up to 181 Petabytes of data or 181 million gigabytes of storage with just 64 optical drives. If the user needs more archival storage, then they can string together up to four of these systems, spanning more than 724 Petabytes.

Thus, Sony’s Everspan gives enterprises a way of inexpensively storing an awful lot of cold data. The solution seems to be in lines of the 2014 product devised by Facebook engineers out of Bluray discs (optical drives) for cold data.

In May 2015, Sony made an official announcement that it is going to offer a BluRay disc filled solution for archival needs in 2016. As said, Sony acquired the company Optical Archival Inc, a Frankovsky’s startup in June 2015 for an undisclosed sum. Now, Frankovsky and company have released their tech, which stores cold data on a new breed of optical discs that can hold as much as 300 gigabytes of information, which is more than what a HD movie disk holds. Further more the cost of storing data on Everspan is lower than the $0.05 to $0.06 per gigabyte cost for hard disks at the rack level.

So, does this solution really have the potential to make 5 decades old Tape obsolete….?

Share your views through comments section below.


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