Toshiba offers a 4K video surveillance camera to the world!

Toshiba has launched an Ultra HD security camera for video surveillance market. The Toshiba IKS-WB9518 4K security camera is capable of capturing videos at 3840×2160 resolution at 25 frames per second. Thus, with the ability to capture in high resolution, Toshiba camera provides a high level of detail that customers need to effectively watch intruders, capture fast moving objects and monitor large areas.

Toshiba claimed that the deployment of its new 4K IP camera can also reduce the number of conventional HD cameras required by up to 50%- thanks to the ability of it to cover wider spaces. This ends up reducing overall system costs and future maintenance costs for customers.

Technically speaking, the new camera is supported by digital wide dynamic range ability which can consistently provide 4K sharpness across the entire frame. It helps in improving image quality by adjusting the gamma value to enhance dark areas and reduce image deterioration. True D/N imaging filter IR during the day for enhanced color images while providing the benefits of a night vision camera in low light conditions.

Toshiba IKS WB9518 addresses 4K recording large files concerns with integrated H264 video codec which minimized network strain. The camera also allows streaming of 1080p HD content on a standard monitor while recording 4K footage for later. For those who need SD card recording, Toshiba’s new HD camera has a microSD card slot that supports cards of up to 64GB.

Toshiba will start selling the IKS-WB9518 video surveillance camera soon; pricing has not yet been confirmed



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