Four basic data security measures for IT administrators!

Data Security has turned into a major concern for businesses these days and that’s due to timely data breach related media alerts. Now for companies looking to smartly tackle the situation, here are four basic data security measures which have to be taken by your enterprise IT administrator

  • Browsers must be updated on a constant note- As hackers are always targeting browser vulnerabilities and add-on functions which increase the probability of security incidents, applying patches to them on a regular note will immediately secure the IT infrastructure.
  • Disable Java in the browser- In most hacking cases, java browser plugins are found to be real culprits. So, disabling them in the browser will help keep your IT environment safe and secure.
  • Adopt two factor authentication- Hackers can make merry from User Accounts and so are often targeted to steal data. By using a two factor authentication, an organization can prevent the fraudulent misuse of the login credentials.
  • Monitor threat feeds- Threat feeds help in identifying IP addresses and domain names that do not match the data in firewall or proxy logs, making it easy to detect malicious activity.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or fill in DNF Contacts page to get a call from a DNF data security expert.


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