Seagate stuck in an Email phishing scam!

Seagate Technology, one of the worlds largest data storage company is in news for wrong reasons. KerbsOnSecurity, a resource providing info on cyber crime and internet security topics has learned that email scam artists last week tricked an employee at data storage giant Seagate Technology into giving away W-2 tax documents on all current and past employees. The details include the employee social security numbers, salaries, their residential addresses and other personal data.

Seagate which is a predecessor of Shugart Technology has admitted about the same and further disclosed that the scam took place on March 1st this year, about a week after KerbsOnSecurity warned readers to be on the lookout for email phishing scams directed at finance and HR personnel that spook a letter from the organization’s CEO requesting all employee W-2 forms.

Seagate’s spokesman Eric DeRitis confirmed that the info on current and former US based employees of the company was sent to an unauthorized third party due to a phishing scam. The info leaked to the third party through a Seagate’s top level executive who believed the phishing email was a legitimate internal company request.

The Cupertino based company has apologized for the mistake and is aggressively analyzing where process changes are needed in its IT environment, for a safe and secure future.

Although, the company is not ready to disclose the fact on how many current and former employees have been impacted, DeRitis said that it was in thousands, but less than 10,000——thank god!

After the discovery of this fraud, Seagate is offering all the affected employees two-year’ membership to Experian’s ProtectMyID service and the service will be fully paid by the company.



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