Server sales increase in 2015 with record 9.7 million shipments!

Sales of Servers increased in year 2015 with a record 9.7million shipments and hauling $55.1 billion USD. That’s eight percent more revenue and 4.9 percent more shipments than recorded in 2014, according to analysts firm IDC’s worldwide quarterly server tracker.

IDC says that Cloud has made the demand for server surge, as cloud service providers continue to upgrade their server farms with new installations. Also enterprise investments in scalable systems for virtualization and consolidation are also increased sales of servers in year 2015.

As usual HP enterprise is leading the pack with a 24.9% market share with $3,811.9 revenue. Dell stands at the second position with 16.7% market share and $2,558.7 revenue. IBM follows Dell with $2,162.4 revenue and holding 14.1% market share.

Since, IBM has a strong growth for power systems and double digit growth for its Z system mainframes; it ruled the 3Q and 4Q of year 2015 server sales. The news is less good for ARM servers, which IDC says experienced falling sales compared to the same time in 2014. HPE Moonshot dominates the ARM server segment.

Buyers in the Asia/Pacific are the planet’s most active, with Chinese shoppers alone spending 15.6 per cent more than in 2014. EMEA and USA buyers clocked up just 5.0 per cent and 7.9 per cent climbs respectively.

Hope, the year 2016 brings in more good news for server market.

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