StoneFly’s Remote Replication is the perfect Disaster Recovery solution

Enterprise data centers having all highly available storage appliances may go for an assumption that their data is secured from all kinds of hardware and human errors. But what will happen if a natural disaster like a flood or fire strikes your data center?

Let’s understand the scenario further with an example. Suppose all your backup and storage appliances are stacked up in one data center and the access to your branched offices takes place from this data center.

Unfortunately, one day your data center is hit with a lightening, or fire, then what will happen to all your data? What will your branched or remote offices do without data continuity? This is where; going for a StoneFly iSCSI & Fibre Channel SAN Storage appliance makes complete sense.

StoneFly is the only company in the world which offers Cloud bases business continuity to all its physical appliance users at no cost. Therefore for those who are using a StoneFly iSCSI & Fibre Channel SAN appliance and a new StoneFly SCVM Virtual Storage appliance, the California based company offers Remote Replication feature which acts as a perfect disaster recovery solution.

As soon as users opt for the service and StoneFly technical staff will host a SCVM virtual storage appliance in StoneFly Cloud Business Center which is managed and protected with all of the following great features-

  • StoneFly Hardware-Enabled Block Level AES 256 Volume Encryption.
  • StoneFly Asynchronous Replication (One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-One)
  • StoneFly Real-Time Synchronous Mirroring of iSCSI Volumes to a Secondary VSA
  • StoneFly Thin Provisioning with Space Reclamation
  • Graphical Performance and Utilization Reporting
  • Mountable Read-Write Snapshot Volumes
  • Snapshot Schedule Utility

Note 1- The customer will be the sole proprietor of data which will be encrypted on the appliance as per HIPAA and data compliance standards.

Note 2- The virtual storage appliance of the customers will be hosted on StoneFly’s world class USS and USS-HA Unified Server & Storage Appliances. High-performance features include dual-hexa-core storage virtualization engines, hot-swappable disk drives, hardware RAID with cache battery backup for protection against disk failures, redundant hot-swappable power supply modules, and multiple iSCSI connections with port teaming, failover and load-balancing to maximize system up-time and allow you unfettered access to your replicated data.

Note 3- StoneFly Optimized Data Deduplication for Increased Storage Efficiency

Note 4– Fit 5x to 137x More Data in the same storage footprint

Call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Cloud Business Center

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