Wikipedia servers to read out content from 2017!

Wikipedia, the encyclopedia driving the world is all set to technically read out its content along with the visual text display in future. By doing so, the open source content provider in association with researchers in Sweden are making servers read out content to visually impaired users.

Wikimedia Sweden has partnered with Sweden based KTH Royal Institute of Technology to develop a speech synthesis platform, which will be refined for Wikipedia to make the content available to its users.

Presently, the researchers are developing the engine for Swedish, English and Arabic language, which will be completed by September 2017 and later it will be expanded to other 280 languages. Thus, with the new feature, Wikipedia users who are not able to read the text can start hearing the text.

Although, not many details of this project are available to us on a current note, most probably Wikipedia users should download an application which offers a browser through which the website has to be accessed. The application contacts the server and delivers content via speech and text on a simultaneous note.

More details are awaited!


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