Dropbox to use its own Exabyte Scale storage instead of Amazon cloud

Dropbox, a file hosting service provider from California has decided to stop using Amazon cloud for its storage needs and go for its own custom built Exabyte Scale storage infrastructure on a full scale in next few days.

Earlier, Dropbox used to rely on Amazon cloud to store its 500PB of user content. Infact, the file hosting company used to store two kinds of data. One was file content which it used to store on Amazon cloud platform and the other was its users’ metadata, which was stored on its own web servers hosted in its own data center.

Due to immense growth in business, the company decided to start building its own data center in 2013. In early 2015, Dropbox started to operate its data center and slowly and steadily moved its operations from Amazon cloud to its own platform.

This year in March, the company could accomplish the task of serving 90% of its users through its in-house infrastructure which includes content and metadata storage.

On Monday this week the company announced that it’s started to store and serve over 90% of its users 500PB data on its custom build infrastructure which had the capability to scale up to several Exabytes of storage.

However, according to the official statement of Dropbox, it will continue to partner with Amazon when the necessity arises, particularly on a global note. By October this year, Dropbox will expand its relationship with AWS to store data in Germany for European business customers.

From users’ point of view, all these operational and infrastructural changes should not affect them as the entire operation takes place in backdrop. Their files will sync with the same reliability as before across all of their devices, and as Dropbox adds more users, that performance standard should hold good.

So, from now on, Dropbox users will have their content stored on the American company’s own data center, instead of Amazon cloud.


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