Milestone Systems makes buildings ‘Smarter’

Buildings in UK are going to turn “Smarter” as technologies such as Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS) are going to interact with each other to work more in the interests of the occupants of that building. Pretty soon, the said technological trend will spread worldwide to create buildings with final user-occupants at top of mind from day one.

The idea is to construct new buildings with multiple sensors everywhere from IP cameras, to fire and smoke detectors, thermostatic controllers, heating ventilation and Air conditioning control systems, biometric readers for access control and much more.

Companies offering video management systems like Milestone XProtect will play a vital role in making the newly constructed infrastructure smarter. XProtect is now capable of turning images from the front of the car, as it enters a buildings underground car park, into a number plate which can then be checked against a database of authorized license plates. Once a match is established, the car park barrier can be automatically lifted.

On the other hand, the image or video stream Read full story at IFSECGlobal


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