AWS S3 cloud storage celebrates 10th anniversary !

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Simple Storage Service (S3) on March 14th, 2006 and on Monday this week the cloud storage completed ten years in business . After a decade since its launch, Amazon claims S3 hosts a trillion of objects and, at peaks, processes millions of requests per second.

When S3 cloud storage service was launched, the price for storing content was fixed at $0.15/GB and $0.20/GB for data transfer. Now S3 storage cost is $0.03 per GB per month and costs 80% less than it was at the time of launch.

Disclosing more on his milestones, Amazon said that its EC2 Compute service was launched in August 2006, just after 5 months of S3 launch. In January 2009 Amazon launched AWS Management Console and a Relational Database Service (RDS) later that year. April 2012 witnessed the launch of AWS Marketplace, which allowed for the purchase of preconfigured tools and applications. As of now the AWS Marketplace is divided into 35 categories with more than 2,500 software offerings from upwards of 800 ISPs.

AWS customers ranked S3 highest for availability, scalability and its overall data storage architecture, while the biggest issues they have with the offering are user management, configuration management and logging, according to the report.

For Microsoft Azure, customers gave it the highest marks for high availability, scalability and integration with Microsoft’s Visual Studio development platform, while the biggest complains were with user and configuration management, downtime and Docker integration.

Amazon and Microsoft were the only companies found by Gartner last year as leaders in its Magic Quadrant Ranking, which said that Amazon’s Infrastructure services has a multi-year advantage over Azure. It will be interesting to see how the two, and others, stack up this year.


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