Apple iCloud shifts to Google Cloud platform from AWS and Azure

Apple, Inc. which stores its iCloud’s user data on AWS and Microsoft Azure has recently made a decision to move to Google’s Cloud Platform. The American electronics giant recently started storing portions of its iCloud and services data on Google Compute and is planning to shift all of its data( for reasons) by the end of this year. On a simultaneous note, Apple is also building out its own system to bring data stored on its millions of devices in house by the end of 2018.

From Google’s point of view, its win-win situation to the provider as it has been gunning for larger companies as cloud customers from the past few years.

As per CRN’s recent publishing, a large proportion of iCloud data resides on AWS and also with Microsoft Azure from the past few years. But Apple has recently decided to trim down its reliance on AWS by turning to Google. At minimum Apple would seem to be added Google to the mix.

Amazon on learning about Apple’s recent disclosure issued a statement, implying that Apple hadn’t defected. It’s also miffed with the latter for breaching the rules of Non- Disclosure agreement.

In Apple’s 2014 Whitepaper, the company announced to the world that it relies on Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure for all its iCloud needs. It specifically divulged that its servers encrypt all the data and then disperse it onto Amazon S3 and Azure.

At present, the company’s intention to move to Google Compute is to cut costs ahead of creating its own cloud storage system.

Apple in a disclosure made to Morgan Stanley last month categorically included that it’s coming up with its three own data centers early next year to deal with the data impending from its mobile, TV and TBD products media libraries . The company also revealed that it has spent $1 billion on AWS last year and looks to cut the number by half for this year.

According to a source from Forbes, Apple has a team already working on a secret project called “McQueen” which in next three years will break the Cupertino giant’s reliance on all three outside cloud providers in favor of its own “Go-green” infrastructure.

More details are awaited!


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