How hyper convergence can modernize your data centers?

Hyper Convergence has taken the storage world like storm and that’s mainly because it helps in integrating technologies to be managed as a single system through common tool set; thus acting as a resource to streamline enterprise data centers.

Data center modernization with the help of Hyper Convergence takes place in the following way-

Consolidating servers and data center- If someone is planning to build a new data center or looking to consolidate the current one, hyper convergence vendors help in doing so, by offering solutions that integrate seamlessly with their existing environment. The right hyper converged solution can solve your immediate challenges and produce major benefits.

Modernizing Technology smoothly- Hyper convergence helps in phasing in new architecture while you phase out the old. The implementation can be carried out from petite level and can be expanded as funds allow. If applications in the legacy environment need the storage performance provided by the hyper converged environment, they can leverage those resources.

Helps in deploying new Tier-1applications- Is your existing environment suitable for new tier-1 workloads such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Rather than simply throwing more resources at an outdated environment, deploy the new workload in a hyper converged environment to gain the inherent operational benefits. As time goes on, you can start bringing the rest of your infrastructure into the same architecture with easy-to-add, LEGO-like efficiency.

Hyper convergence for VDI environments- Typically, in enterprise environments resource islands are established in an isolated note due to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) needs. But with Hyper Convergence in place, an enterprise VDI project will never face resource challenges that require creation of islands. When the VDI project is out of the way and the rest of your environment becomes eligible for renewal, you can slide everything to the hyper converged environment with ease.

Helps in managing sites remotely- In a hyper converged environment, as the entire infrastructure can be managed by a single management system, remote resources can be managed as local resources. Thus, the need for remote personnel perform manual operations such as backup jobs or creating logical unit numbers or quality of service policies gets eliminated. That’s because of the data efficiency technology of hyper converged appliances which allows backups to be simplified in the remote offices and offsite copies to be automatically sent to main offices or even to cloud. All this operational simplification leads to centralization of administrative resources and offers staffing economies of scale.

Offers test and development environment- Many organizations operate test and development (test/dev) environments so that bad code isn’t released into production. Hyper convergence supports test/dev and production needs, with management tools that can help you create logical separations between these functions. Unfortunately, many organizations give short shift to test/ dev and run it on lower-class hardware, which doesn’t really make sense. This greater IT agility will keep developers in house instead of building their own Shadow IT in the public cloud.

Helps in modernizing backup and implementing disaster recovery- Companies which are concerned about their backup and business continuity plans, can take help of hyper convergence. It helps in getting rid of the complexity that can be inherent in these operations.

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