Demand for Cloud based disaster recovery increases!

Cloud based disaster recovery demand has increased says a survey conducted by Disaster Recovery solutions provider CloudEndure. However, factors like risks, outages and downtime costs are still posing as challenges for the said technology to flourish.

According to a survey which involved 144 global IT professionals, 77% of companies are striving for 99.9% availability and 57% had one or more outages in the past three months. The report shows a 26% growth in public cloud usage for disaster recovery, with that growth coming at the expense of physical servers, which are declining by 55% as target disaster recovery platforms.

CloudEndure survey disclosed that 54% of survey respondents opted for public cloud for disaster recovery, with 35% using private cloud and 11% physical backup and disaster recovery appliances.

In the disaster recovery segment of public cloud, AWS leads the way followed by Azure.

The survey also reveals that the demand for cloud based DR Service has increased due to the fact that it’s cost effective, highly available and satiates all needs related to data continuity.

Guestimating the trend that cloud based disaster recovery solutions have a bright future ahead, StoneFly Inc, a renowned data storage solutions provider from California offers Cloud Drive services in its product catalog for companies looking for advanced disaster recovery solutions.

StoneFly Cloud Drives are ideal for protecting mission-critical information and include advanced business continuity features such as snapshots, asynchronous remote replication, multi geo-mirroring (one-to-many and many-to-one), data deduplication, volume encryption, and thin provisioning.

By replicating your data to a StoneFly Cloud Drive, you immediately save on the capital expenses that come with the purchase of additional physical appliances, along with their associated operating expenses such as power and cooling costs. With StoneFly’s Cloud Drive Remote Replication service you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected against loss with a minimum of 3 copies of your data within Azure’s datacenter(s).

If an outage or disaster occurs on-premises, the StoneFly Cloud Drive can be quickly mounted as a remote iSCSI drive to easily access all of your data that has been asynchronously replicated to Azure. Remote replication to a StoneFly Cloud Drive ensures minimum downtime and maximum data availability should the unthinkable occur.



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