DNF Security offers Fault Tolerant video storage appliances for video surveillance industry

Modern day storage requirements in surveillance industry are changing and now the demand is not only for redundant and highly available solutions, but is also for fault tolerant solutions.

Fault tolerant solutions are those which tolerate software bugs, machine crashes, memory and disk corruptions. Also they need to tolerate performance bottlenecks, which when not handled in a proper way can cause downtime.

DNF Security offers such highly redundant, available, and fault tolerant video recording and storage systems. Infact, all the solutions available in its product catalog are fault tolerant. That’s because, all DNF security video management systems and NVRs are loaded with software tools like DNF Security Lifeline Flashback, DNF Security Lifeline Remote Monitoring Service and DNF Security Lifeline TamperGuard.

DNF Remote Monitoring Service acts as embedded software based forward looking tool that resolves mission critical system problems. It helps users to react, identify and resolve mission critical system and network infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes. With the proactive-predictive Lifeline-RMS, DNF Security customers get a peace of mind that their system does not suffer from any unplanned down-time. Notification of critical system status can be delivered via a wide variety of options including email or SMS.

DNF Lifeline Flashback allows users to have an integrated system recovery to original manufacture’s system image. With Lifeline-Flashback users can quickly-within a few minutes-recover an entire system image which helps in avoiding downtime.

DNF Lifeline Tamperguard– Sometimes, human errors cause downtime or a system crash and these kinds of errors can be intentional or accidental. DNF’s Lifeline-TamperGuard provides the ability to automatically discover undesired and unauthorized changes in configuration of DNF Security hardware appliances and continuously monitors them for any type of configuration changes. It is able to determine whether any type of unauthorized changes have been made and by who, what, when, and where. DNF Lifeline TamperGuard configuration change manager can also compare system configurations with regulatory requirements or industry best practices (internal and external policies) and highlight areas that need to be investigated.

So, that’s how DNF Security recording and storage solutions meant for video surveillance are fault tolerant

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