StoneFly offers Scale out NAS for Media and Entertainment industries!

Data storage needs for companies related to Media and Entertainment are always high as these firms are always in search of ways to merge creativity with technological breakthroughs. On a simultaneous note, the value of data for these companies is also colossal, as it has the potential to make and break such businesses within no time.

As the frame rates for movie content are increasing from the historical 24 frames per second to 48 and 60 FPS, the demand for storage solutions which can handle this data deluge is also increasing on a parallel note. What’s more astonishing is that in coming years 8K and 16K content demand will make the frame rate go as high as 300fps. And as resolutions get higher, file sizes will obviously soar. For instance, per hour of film in standard definition will take 112GB, HD will take 537GB space, Ultra HD will take 6,880GB and 8K will probably take 86,000GB of capacity

In other words, 8K film content will use more than 100X the capacity of HD. Thus, the sheer amount of content will make the storage capacity needs of companies scale up by 100 times than present.

Thus, only by having efficient storage infrastructure in their premises, these companies can easily manage, store, and provide access to rapidly growing libraries of media content for distribution channels, media formats, and consumption models.

StoneFly, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers Scale out NAS solutions which can deliver unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability. These solutions were designed and developed for customers requiring powerful storage solutions that can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance.

StoneFly Super Scale out NAS and StoneFly Twin Scale Out NAS nodes can scale up to Petabytes of storage on demand. Large quantities of unstructured data can be managed within a single global namespace and a single file system.

StoneFly designed its scale out NAS appliances for environments which require vast quantities of high bandwidth throughput or fast parallel throughput for very large files required by high performance computing such as media and entertainment.

Content creation, transformation, production and archive, as well as unstructured data (documents, presentations, pictures, music and video files) are best stored in large Scale out NAS appliances like the StoneFly SSO. SSO allows companies to add server nodes on the fly as well as add CPU horsepower and storage capacity from additional SSO nodes. This linear scalability provides predictable performance and allows users to pay as their growth and makes them buy what they need. SSO simplifies the storage of media and is the ideal platform for consolidation onto a shared resource implementing higher utilization.

Similarly, StoneFly Twin Scale out NAS can act as ultra fast primary storage for visual effects, and high IO intensive media production applications that require high-concurrent sequential throughput, post production transcodes and streaming media. It drives down the overall cost of storage while increasing performance for applications that need it when they need it, and reduces costs and floor space requirements. Capacity can be quickly provisioned, shared, and managed with fewer resources. StoneFly TSO is efficient to operate since it leverages all of its resources, maximizes utilization, and integrates near-line SAS, enterprise SAS, and SSD tiering within the storage nodes.

Therefore, companies which are in Media and Entertainment can use StoneFly SSO and TSO as a cost effective alternative to using local storage. The highlight of these appliances is that these appliances are being offered with utmost reliability since all StoneFly Scale out NAS nodes feature hardware RAID, redundant hot swappable power supply modules and moreover data is shared between those two nodes which make customers never lose access to data. Additionally, all data is automatically mirrored between two nodes for high availability and increased read performance.

When the company feels to go for cloud storage, all StoneFly Storage appliances can be integrated with StoneFly Cloud Drive– a virtual drive secured in Microsoft Azure market place. Hence, if a company related to Media and Entertainment wants to add storage on fly and is looking to save money on CapEx and OpEx costs StoneFly Cloud Drive can act as a super-duper solution.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or fill in StoneFly Contacts webpage.


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