Apple iCloud with unlimited storage and Apple iPhone 7 with Sapphire glass

Apple, Inc is all set to make a big announcement by the end of this year and that’s going to make all its users happy forever. The American technology brand is thinking to make its iCloud free for those who are storing images and videos in their respective cloud accounts. Also, it’s planning to offer its iPhone 7 with an unbreakable screen built with Graphite mixed sapphire material.

Presently, Apple’s iCloud depends on AWS, Azure and Google Compute platforms for cloud capacity needs of its servers. That means, it keeps metadata on its company servers and will depend on other big cloud platforms to store data. The company offers 5GB cloud storage for free to all its users. It charges around $0.99 for 50GB and then $2.99 for 200GB later on. For 1TB cloud storage it will charge $9.99 cents.

In future the company is planning to offer unlimited cloud storage to all its users who use its platform to store image and video files. For those storing text content the 5GB free limit will prevail.

The offer will roll out as soon as the new iPhone 7 rolls out in September this year. The highlight of the phone is that it’s going to be a 5 inch screen with 4K resolution and will be build with Graphene amalgamated sapphire glass- which will also revolutionize the smart phones industry’s unbreakable screen market, currently being dominated by Gorilla and Dragontrial glass.

More details are awaited!

Note- the unlimited cloud storage is said to be applicable to US and Canada users.


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