Cloud data can be controlled more by Sieve!

Researchers from MIT and Hayward have developed software called ‘Sieve’ which can provide users the privilege of tracking encrypted personal data and better manage it in the cloud. The software could show significant implications for government searches of data such as in the Apple-FBI case, or for companies using personal data from fitness bands and other devices for marketing and other purposes.

According to the latest statement released by MIT, Sieve can make its users store personal data in encrypted form in the cloud. When the need for any application to search for specific items, like a name or address, arises, Sieve would send a request to the user, and, if granted, would receive a secret key to decrypt only those items kept in the cloud account of the user. Additionally, if the user wanted to revoke the application access, Sieve would re-encrypt the data with a new key.

Sieve could also better protect a person’s data from a court-ordered warrant. It can help users signing up with a new insurance company to give the insurer a specific key to access a subset of the user’s personal data in the cloud. After the access is/was finished, the key would be changed to prevent future data access.


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