Data Replication benefits!

Data Replication offers number of benefits that can tremendously help data centers strengthen their business continuity plans.

Briefly, the reasons why users might choose to implement replication in their database application are-

Improve application reliability- By spreading data across multiple machines, users can ensure that their application data continues to be available even in the event of a hardware failure on any given machine in the replication group.

Improve read performance- By using replication users can spread data reads across multiple machines on network. Thus, by doing so they can vastly improve their application read performance. This strategy helps readers who are on remote network nodes. Users can push their data to the network’s edge to observe utmost read performance. Additionally, depending on the portion of your data that you read on a given replica, that replica may need to cache part of your data, decreasing cache misses and reducing I/O on the replica.

Improve transactional commit performance- Replication allows you to avoid this disk I/O and still maintain a degree of durability by committing to the network. In other words, you relax your transactional durability guarantees on the master, but by virtue of replicating the data across the network you gain some additional durability guarantees above what is provided locally.

Improve data durability guarantee- Replication allows you to increase this durability guarantee by ensuring that data modifications are written to multiple machines. This means that multiple disks, disk controllers, power supplies, and CPUs are used to ensure that your data modification makes it to stable storage. In other words, replication allows you to minimize the problem of a single point of failure by using more hardware to guarantee your data writes.

StoneFly, Inc. offers remote replication feature in all its physical or virtual StoneFly iSCSI and FC SAN storage appliances. Users of StoneFly SAN storage can replicate data to StoneFly Cloud Business Center (CBC) in an affordable way to quickly add one or more disaster recovery sites for critical data. By replicating data to StoneFly CBC, users can immediately save on capital expenses that come with the purchase of a physical appliance, along with operating expenses such as power and cooling costs. With StoneFly’s Remote Replication service you can rest assured that your data is secure and protected against loss.

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