Ransomware challenges enterprise data security

Cloud IT provider Intermedia’s latest study reveals that Ransomware cases are on the rise, as they are hitting businesses of all sizes. The research also says that biggest cost often isn’t the ransom, but the cost of downtime and lost revenue while the business tries to work around the hijacked and blocked computers, or even if they ultimately pay the bad guys.

In brief, Ransomware is malicious software that gets downloaded onto a business computer or network. The hackers then take hold of the data on the PC and lock down the files and threaten to erase key data, if the business doesn’t pay them the demanded ransom.

The survey conducted by Intermedia included 300 experts IT consultants for their perspectives on the scope and costs of this trending malware. The opinion of the experts was contradicted, as most of them said that business downtime was ranked as a far bigger cost than Ransom itself. The survey also found that ransomware is affecting bigger businesses with more than 1000 headcount) and multiple victims within each business.

According to Intermedia’s report, 43 percent of IT consultants have had their customers fall victim to Ransomware, 48 percent saw an increase in ransomware related support inquiries and 59 percent expect the number of attacks to increase this year.

All this culminates to say one point that enterprises should not only focus on having the best IT equipment in their work environments, but also should focus on having best data security procedures in place.

DNF Corporation helps in offering the best in data security for your enterprise. It starts by evaluating your company’s existing encryption strategy and policies. The process will start with getting detailed asset information on your organization’s hardware and software environment, sensitive data, and current security policy management sets.

Then in combination with your corporate objectives, DNF team will determine the business objectives for encrypting data-at-rest. The team will first start by identifying information assets and then will classify those information assets in order to do a full-fledged risk assessment of information assets. DNF will also go through Network and Physical access security controls and will review details about encryption, anti-virus/antispyware and firewall and internet connection.

From these objectives, DNF will derive a plan and proposal to address the policies, architecture, and scope of the project to keep the business protected to the fullest.

To take the assistance of DNF on enterprise data security just call 510.265.1616 or fill in your contact info on the following DNF webpage to get a call from expert.



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