How big data can be used against you?

Big data has immense potential to revolutionize our lives, provided it lands into the right hands and is nurtured with right resources. The best example to prove is the daily weather reported predictably available on Google. Generally, it sieves to hoards of big data from previous years and then tries to scrutinize the best with software based analytical skills in order to serve the best.

But due to the possibility of malicious use, there are both security and privacy threats luring around big data. For instance, in year 2014, when a professional development system at Arkanas University was breached, over 50,000 people were affected. In the same year, details like birth dates, home and email addresses and other info were stolen in a data breach at eBay.  So, that’s the problem with big data if it falls into the wrong hands.

There are also other privacy concerns about big data. Companies are always eager to deliver targeted advertising to you and tracking your every online move. This is where big data can help in keeping track of your activities at less expense and with simple analysis.

The only way to deal with the situation is through transparency which acts like a key to let users harness the power of big data while addressing its security and privacy challenges. Additionally, handlers of big data should disclose information on what they gather and for what purposes. Furthermore, consumers must know how the data is stored, who is accessing it and how that access is granted. Finally, big data companies can earn public trust by giving specific explanations about the security controls they use to protect the data they manage.

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