Rise in terrorist activities will propel HD security surveillance camera market!

Rise in terrorist activities all around the world is said to propel HD security surveillance camera market by 2020. According to Technavio analysts, Global video surveillance market for 2016-2020 will reach USD 64 billion by 2020 growing at a CAGR of almost 23 percent. The research firm also concludes that 54 percent of the said share will be covered by HD security cameras.

Video evidence plays crucial in proving crimes and that is where the need for high definition videos shows its prominence. Conceptually speaking, deployment of surveillance cameras surely deters crimes. But they are many instances, where lack of clarity in surveillance videos has made them ineligible as evidence in court of law.

That’s where all new surveillance installations in future might fully embrace security cameras offering high in clarity video evidence. The other visible benefit in going for a HD camera installation is that we can implement video analytics like facial recognition to depth. If the clarity of the video obtained from the camera is high, then analytical technologies deliver utmost results as per our expectations.

Therefore, in wake of increasing terrorists’ attacks like the recent Brussels airport bombing which killed over 31 people, governments all around the world are insisting in having High Definition cameras for surveillance at all public places. Although, this involves a lot of investment, for all new installations the investments can prove beneficial in future aspect.


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