Google redesigns data center cooling solutions for every 12 to 18 months!

Google recently revealed that it redesigns its data center cooling solutions for every 12 to 18 months in order to offer data center efficiency to maximize its profit margins. Joe Java, Vice President of Data Center Operations in Google is over seeing all the company’s data center operations for the last eight years. As a result of Joe’s efficiency chase Google data centers have produced innovations in water and air based data center cooling.

The internet juggernaut has developed ways to use sea water and industrial canal water for cooling. It also has devised systems for reclaiming and recycling grey water and for harvesting rain water. And also Google uses outside air for cooling, or airside economization.

Kava showed a video related to Google’s worlds largest data center campus at the event of Google Cloud platform which was held last week at San Francisco, United States. The company announced the same week that it was bringing two additional cloud availability regions online this year – in Oregon and Japan- and 10 more locations by next year.

More details will be updated shortly!


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