Malware cripples the network of Washington DC Healthcare provider

MedStar Health, a healthcare provider from Washington DC was hit by malware which crippled its network preventing thousands of users from logging into the system. However, the good news is that the not-for-profit organization that runs 10 hospitals said that its clinical facilities were functioning and that it did not appear to them that data had been compromised.

For time being, the healthcare provider has resorted to paper transactions and hopes to go fully online by early next week.

According to a Facebook update, MedStar acted quickly to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the organization. Presently, the company is working with its IT and cyber security partners to get a full picture of the situation. Although, they did not disclose the details of the malware, an anonymous source working for the organization disclosed that it was a kind of Ransomware which encrypts files and displays a message asking the victims for a payment, usually via bitcoins or foreign currency to obtain the decryption key.

Last week a similar case was reported by Methodist Hospital of Henderson, Kentucky. The hospital went forward to declare an internal state emergency as soon as it discovered that its whole network of systems was infected with the Locky ransomware. To avoid paying a ransom of $1600 USD the officials of the hospital informed FBI which acted quickly and made arrangements to cripple the source of Ransomware on time.

In February this year, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center based in Los Angeles paid $17,000 to attackers in order to get its systems freed up from Ransomware.

All healthcare providers in United States were officially alerted by Fed in April last year about Malware and Ransomware. They were asked to improve their cyber security arrangements related to data and network security by March this year.

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