Save your PC from Ransomware with free Bitdefender tool!

Romanian based company Bitdefender which offers internet security software has released a free software tool to prevent PCs from being infected with file encrypting Ransomware programs like Locky, TeslaCrypt and CTB Locker.

The freely available new Bitdefender tool works like an Anti Ransomware Vaccine and is built on the same principle as a previous tool that the company designed to prevent CryptoWall infections.

Newly released Bitdefender tool takes advantage of Ransomware checks by making it appear as if computers are already infected with current variants of Locky, TeslaCrypt or CBT locker. Thus, it prevents those malware programs from infecting the PC again.

The downside is that the tool can only fool certain ransomware families and is not guaranteed to defend against all malware.

Then how does the new tool help?

Well, it acts as a preventive measure and gives us a feeling that something is better than nothing.

To further protect your PCs from such ransomware, users should always keep the software on their computer up to date, especially the OS, browser and browser plug-ins like Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Java and Silverlight. They should never enable the execution of macros in documents, unless they’ve verified their source and know that the documents in question are supposed to contain such code.

Email threats are also increasing these days, as malware spreading cyber criminals are sending emails to users containing malware filled attachments. So, security professionals from Bit Defender said that system admins should carefully scrutinize those emails, regardless of who appears to have sent them. Keeping the antivirus programs up to date will also prevent malware infections.


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