Seagate unveils worlds first USB powered desktop hard drive Innov8

Seagate Technologies, the world renowned American data storage company has unveiled Innov8, the world’s first USB powered desktop hard drive. This hard drive can power itself and transfer data via a single cable. So, the mess of wiring involved gets eliminated.

Seagate 8TB Innov8 does not need a dedicated power source or adapter and instead can be powered and used through a reversible USB C cable. Seagate has revealed that the new technology to transfer data and power through a single cable is possible through its Ignition Boost feature.

The drive is housed in an all-aluminum enclosure that’s both sturdy and well balanced.

All Innov8 8TB drives are available with Seagate’s dashboard software, which offers users either one click on demand or customizable scheduled backups for their devices. So, whatever data generated in the day or week on a desktop or laptop can be backed up to this external hard drive within few minutes.

Additionally, Innov8 users will also get a 200GB of Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage and Lyve Software compatibility feature in their drives. So, users can backup, access and share their data from any device (Android or iOS) or location.

Seagate Innov8 is compatible with laptops using Windows 8 and above OS versions along with Apple iOS X10.11 and above. The device can only be used through a USB 3.1 port and will be available from April 2016 on a commercial note.

Seagate Innov8 is available for a price of $349.



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