Today is ‘World Backup Day’!

It started in 2011 and from then on every year March 31st is celebrated as a backup day. The day mainly focuses on creating awareness on getting more people to start backing up their computers if they don’t already and for enterprises- to take a serious look at their backup strategy and make sure it’s up to snuff.

The world backup day is presently being sponsored by a bunch of companies that sell backup products or services, like physical backup appliances, cloud based backup services and backup software.

Till a couple of years ago, the World Backup Day was just celebrated like a Valentine’s day- where everything emerges at the start of the day and ends at the last hour of day. Companies offering related solutions made merry out of the day, as they started to promote their solutions in the name of “World Backup Day”.

But now, the focus is much more on education, and is acting as just a really good regular reminder to check your backup environment.

So, I’ve never backed up, where do I start?

For individuals or for enterprises, the best phrase to describe the situation is “Better late than never”.

For individuals- You can backup your data to an external drive on daily or weekly basis. This helps in keeping data safe and secure and helps in preventing data loss. The other economical way is to go for a cloud backup service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos, Onedrive and such. The data gets backed up to the cloud in an automated way and helps in offering users access to data anywhere and anytime.

For enterprises- It’s a known fact that data can make or break businesses these days. So, keeping a backup copy of all the data and that too in a position to recover it at any time and any place is turning vital these days. This is where physical backup appliances and cloud backup services show their prominence. Physical backup appliances are dedicated devices which help in keeping a backup of enterprise data. If in case, the storage resources in the data center fail, the backup copy helps in keeping data continuity live. Replicating data to cloud helps in recovering data at the earliest. Organizations choosing cloud based backup can enjoy advanced DR services.

StoneFly, Inc a wholly owned business unit of DNF Corporation offers physical and cloud based Backup and Disaster Recovery appliances.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Backup and Disaster Recovery web page.



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