Are you concerned about downtime during backups?

IT professionals involving in backup operations are often concerned about downtime during migration of data to offsite premises. Here the migration mentioned can be to another appliance which is geographically separated or to a cloud storage platform.

This is where Gateway appliances show their prominence, as data is first migrated to the appliance and eventually it is replicated to the cloud. Gateways act as local devices that are installed in the data center. At that point, the device resembles a file server that has data copied to it. Eventually the data on that device is replicated to that cloud.

They are two benefits of Gateway appliances

1.) The Gateway can act as a cache appliance, where hot data can be stored on the device for instant access, instead of accessing it from the cloud. Hence, this process cuts down the need to constantly access the same data sets from the cloud.

2.) If in case network issues arise, data is anyhow cached on the device. So, when the user network is up again, the data transfer to cloud resumes again from where it stopped.

StoneFly, Inc. offers SAN Gateway appliances to backup data to the cloud. These appliances can act as cache appliances where hot data or the frequently accessed data is intelligently stored on the appliance for user access. The cold data or archived data can be moved to the cloud. In case of a network downtime, the appliance is efficient enough to resume the process of data transfer to the cloud from wherever it stopped earlier.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Gateway appliances


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