Big data analytics gets doomed by bad data!

Data has become a strategic asset to every enterprise in the world and to harness business sense out of it, effective data analysis is required. To start with, a developing data strategy is required and this is where inaccuracy in data or bad data is underpinning the concept of analysis and thus proving big data analysis as ineffective.

Bad data refers to information that can be erroneous, misleading and without general formatting. And as per an IDC, no industry, organization or department is immune to it and if not acknowledged and fixed early on, bad data can cause serious coercions.

On going deep into the concept, in earlier days, data quality was limited to just CRM systems. This complexity has lengthened beyond structured customer data with social media. To start fixing the data quality, one need to get inside the niche and know what exactly causes bad data.

  • Missing data- Empty fields that should contain data
  • Wrong or inaccurate data- Information that has not been entered correctly or maintained.
  • Irrelevant data- Data that’s been entered in the wrong field.
  • Non confirming data- Data that hasn’t been normalized as per the system of records
  • Duplicate data- A single user record occupying more than one record space in database.
  • Poor data entry- Misspells, typos, transpositions and variations in spelling, naming or formatting.

Bad data not only wrecks havoc on the entire revenue cycle of an organization, it also influences in a negative way the project of big data analysis. Bad data impacts in the following way-

  • Bad data consumes resources on a very high note.
  • Offers higher maintenance costs
  • Offers errors in product/mail deliveries
  • Lowers customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increases churn rate
  • Invalidates reports
  • Lowers productivity and such…
  • If you have a data warehouse, you will certainly have some form of bad data corroding it. Though avoiding bad data completely from a source is virtually impossible, effective Data Management is the key to keep your data clean.

DNF Corporation can help in making organizations bad-data free by offering effective data management strategies. DNF and its partners give analysts powerful, intuitive workflow solutions and applications for data blending and advanced analytics that lead to deeper insights in hours, not the weeks seen in typical approaches.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Big Data Analytics


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