What to consider before deploying a video surveillance system?

Video Surveillance systems help in deterring crime and criminal motives and this is now a proven fact known throughout the world- for reference type “video surveillance benefits” on Google. But before deciding to use a video surveillance system, it is recommended that organizations consider the following-

  • A video surveillance system should only be considered after other measures to protect public safety detect or deter, or assist in the investigation of criminal activity have been considered and rejected as unworkable or too expensive( in cases).
  • Video surveillance should be used where conventional means like manual patrolling has proven less effective or not feasible.
  • The use of each security cameras should be justified on the basis of verifiable, specific reports of incidents of crime or significant safety concerns.
  • An assessment of privacy implications should be conducted of the effects that the proposed video surveillance system may have on personal privacy, and the ways in which any adverse effects can be mitigated by examining the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information.
  • Consultations should be conducted with relevant stakeholders as to the necessity of the proposed video surveillance program and its acceptability to the public. Extensive public consultation should take place. Note- From the past few years, in the wake of number of terrorists’ attacks in US and around the world, the fed has made an amendment to the law of public consultation. Not in all cases, should the law seek public consultation.
  • Organizations should ensure that the proposed design and operation of the video surveillance system minimizes privacy intrusion to that which is absolutely necessary to achieve its mandatory, lawful goals.

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