Microsoft Azure gets 120,000 new subscriptions each month!

Microsoft Corporate VP Scott Guthrie said at Microsoft’s Build Conference 2016 that the company’s Azure cloud service platform gathers more than 120,000 new subscriptions each month. On the day two of the conference, it was revealed that over 5 million organizations now use Azure Active Directory—all thanks to Office 365.

Azure Functions is a new service which lets the users write code that runs in response to various triggers, such as an HTTP request, a file being uploaded to Azure storage, or a message received on an Azure Service Bus. According to the key note given by Scott, users can now write code in variety of languages such as “C#, Node.js, Python, F#, PHP, Batch, Bash, Java, or any executable file.

Azure Functions looks like an answer to Amazon’s Lambada or Google’s Cloud Functions, which perform similar roles; though Azure already had something similar in its service catalog called “WebJobs”.

At the Build 2016 conference, Microsoft disclosed that it was planning to build a new feature, called Power BI Embedded, which is a new service that lets developers include data analytics and visualization reports in applications for external users, billed on the basis of the number of report views. The existing Power BI is an Office 365 service for internal use only. By contrast, Microsoft will only license Power BI Embedded for external users.

However, Power BI Embedded is only intended for use by external users, and may not be used within internal business applications.

At the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, the world renowned software giant also announced general availability of the Azure Service Fabric-designed for applications composed of Microservices- which has been in preview for nearly a year.

The Redmond Giant has also made a public preview of Service Fabric for on-premises Windows Server and a private preview of Service Fabric on Linux. It has to be notified over here that the “Service Fabric” of Microsoft is already being used by Cortana, Azure SQL, Azure IoT and MS Skype Business.

Microsoft Azure Storage users will also get an option to encrypt data at rest with AES-256. However, this feature is in preview and should not be used for production workloads.


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