StoneFly offers All-Flash based iSCSI storage!

StoneFly, Inc., a wholly owned business unit of DNF has All-flash iSCSI storage in its product catalog. StoneFly’s Flash Voyager DX Series of SAN appliances are being offered with enhanced performance, redundancy, scalability and availability. Voyager’s scalable architecture not only brings the flexibility of having up 200 Terabytes of all-flash based iSCSI storage, but also offers to users an additional privilege of Fibre Channel SAN storage or over a Petabyte of tiered (SSD+ SAS hard drive) storage.

StoneFly Voyager DX Series of SAN appliances are run by the award winning StoneFusion 8.0 SAN operating system which has in-built data deduplication feature. So, users can fit 5x to 137x more data within the same storage footprint without reducing overall performance.

The Voyager’s high-performance storage subsystem offers redundant, active/active connectivity for appliance redundancy and increased system performance. The OS provides all the features of a primary storage like total reliability, all-flash performance, end to end security and more. Also users can have all five criteria for delivering agile, predictable storage performance.

  • True Scale Out Architecture
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Automated management
  • Data assurance
  • Global efficiencies

Additionally the Flash Voyager DX offers cost-effective expansion via optional Flash Expansion Arrays and Flash Expansion Units.

StoneFly Flash Voyager DX can be used with workstations and servers and is ideal for enterprise customers in need of a robust SAN offering both high availability and versatility for primary and secondary storage applications.

Already companies related to Finance and media & entertainment sectors are using the StoneFly Flash Voyager DX.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Flash Voyager DX


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