Developing a video surveillance system policy!

As soon as the decision has been made to use a video surveillance, the organization should develop and implement a comprehensive written policy for the operation of the system. The policy should include answers to following points-

  • The objective for implementing video surveillance system
  • The use of the system’s equipment, including the location of the reception equipment, which personnel are, authorized to operate the system and access the storage device, and the times when video surveillance will be effective.
  • The designation of a senior staff member to be responsible for the organization’s policy stipulations as per the prevailing laws.
  • A requirement that the organization will maintain control of and responsibility for the video surveillance system at all times
  • If the service is being offered to a third party, then an agreement has to be made between the organization and service provider that the records dealt with or created while delivering a surveillance program are under the organizations control and subject to the Acts.
  • A requirement that employees and service providers review and comply with the policy and the Acts in performing their duties and functions relating to the deployment of video surveillance system
  • Organizations handing over the surveillance project to a third party should ensure that a process is in place to appropriately respond to any privacy breaches.
  • Video surveillance related policies should be reviewed and updated every two years or sooner if there is a change or upgrade to the video surveillance system.

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