IBM reveals plans on its Big Data ‘Cognitive Storage’!

IBM has publicized plans for so called “Cognitive Storage” that will help IT systems determine which info is most important and which should be assigned a lower priority, particularly in big data scenarios.

IBM’s Cognitive Storage is a smart form of data storage which cut costs by helping to decide automatically what data should reside on which class of media, what levels of data protection should apply and what policies should be sent for the retention and lifecycle of different classes of data.

IBM aims to use this ‘Cognitive Storage’ for its project called “ Square Kilometer Array”- an astronomy project that will comprise one million square meters of radio telescopes and which will generate up to 1PB of data a day. To tackle the said amount of data deluge, IBM is offering Cognitive storage which has tiers of storage, with media ranging from flash to tape.

However, industry analysts feel that Cognitive Storage might not work for business critical data and will only be useful to store large volumes of astronomical data.

Currently, IBM’s Cognitive storage project is at the prototype stage and is mainly being aimed at the Square Kilometer Array used for predictive caching, in which it will attempt to forecast the sets of data that astronomical researchers will want to download from the overall data set and save them time by preparing this in advance.


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