Benefits of having video surveillance in schools!

Video Surveillance usage is increasing through out the world and that’s due to the fact that it offers a bouquet of benefits to users. Here’s an article which highlights the benefits of having video surveillance in schools.

School security

  • CCTV systems when deployed in schools help in identifying unauthorized intruders who enter the premises, there by promoting school security.
  • Security cameras help in keeping track of remote entrances and exists which helps in keeping unwanted people out of bay.
  • These cameras help schools in keeping a vigil on troublesome intruder like a lone wolf or an active shooter enter the premises (example- San Bernardino shootout 2015). The security cameras at the entrance alert the authorities when unwelcoming visitors are the gate giving them ample time to react as per the situation.
  • CCTV helps in tracking down animals and reptiles like snakes, crocs, alligators, wild bears, leopards when they enter the school premises.
  • Security cameras keep track of housekeeping and ensure that they are doing their work.
  • CCTV security systems help in organizing exit during emergencies
  • School security cameras help to protect school property and identify perpetrators and vandals.

For Teachers

  • CCTV helps teachers by protecting staff vehicles
  • They help in keeping track of teacher attendance and punctuality
  • It also helps in keeping track of teacher’s attitude and methodology in teaching

For students

  • CCTV helps in monitoring and preventing bullying amongst students
  • It ensures safety, discipline and punctuality among students
  • Prevents or tracks student theft
  • It keeps the parents mind at ease about school security and environment

Video surveillance in schools helps in ensuring a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for children.

You can approach Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. to work out the most strategic places to install CCTV cameras in your school. This company not only offers consultation expertise, but also helps schools in procuring the best equipment available in the surveillance field.

DNF has deep experience in closed and networked IP video solutions for diverse surveillance platform needs. DNF solutions are backed by powerful security brands, such as Avigilon and Genetec, and DNF-branded NAS and SAS storage platforms are flexible, fast, and capable. Whatever your needs, DNF provides a full host of IT Services and Consulting, along with integrated, reliable, future-ready technology, backed by satisfied clients throughout the world.

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