Facebook data center in Meath to be 8 Aviva pitches size

Facebook’s data center in Meath is all set to expand its facility bringing its total operational space to 621,000 square feet. Currently, Facebook has been granted the permission to construct a second building at its data center site. If the construction completes on time, then the floor space will be around the same size as eight Aviva Stadium Pitches-probably making it the biggest data center in the world.

Facebook’s Meath data center will be located in Clonee, Co-Meath and is just the second of its kind for the company in Europe and the first from the social media giant in Ireland.

The construction of Facebook’s Meath data center is under way and in future the social networking giant is planning to run the entire data center on renewable wind energy to go green.

Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure Tom Furlong said the Clonee Facility will be one of the most advanced and energy-efficient data centers on the planet.

Last year, Facebook received the permission to build a data center in Meath. The construction is still under progress. Now, the data center construction has received the permission to expand the facility and when this facility becomes fully operational by 2018 it will probably stand among the worlds top 3 largest data center.


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