Denmark based pharmaceutical company relies on StoneFly DR365 for backups and DR testing

Denmark based pharmaceutical company relies on StoneFly DR365 appliances for its backups and DR testing. According to Wikipedia more than half a million people around the world depend on the said company’s products for treatment each year. Therefore, the company (name withheld due to NDA) must test their critical IT systems for disaster recovery each year. This means testing 50 critical systems, including one that monitors freezer temperatures. If the system fails and freezer temperatures vary, the products in those freezers may have to be discarded.

To understand how StoneFly is helping the Pharma Company, first look at the challenges faced by the company before deploying StoneFly DR365.

The challenge

The company discovered that its IT environments legacy backup tool was posing as a threat to its DR testing and business productivity. The current backup tool didn’t ensure 24×7 availability of critical systems during DR testing because recovering VMware vSphere virtual machines running on those critical systems was getting too long and tedious. The other disappointing fact was that that DR testing took 80 days each year with the legacy backup tool.

To compound the availability issue, Denmark’s Pharmaceutical company data was growing by 30% every two years, and the legacy backup tool could not accommodate data growth. It also didn’t support Windows 2012 Server, which the firm was implementing.

How StoneFly DR365 rescued?

DR testing with StoneFly DR365 is helping the pharma company deal with its business operations in an affective way and to boost productivity. Moreover, the testing is taking only 80 days instead of 80 days-observed previously with the legacy backup solution.

“Our first experience with StoneFly DR365 was during a test installation, and a few hours later, we were absolutely convinced it was perfect for us,” said Lucy Marshal, IT Consultant working for the said Denmark based company. “DR365 lets us conduct DR testing without disturbing our lines of business, delivers 24×7 availability so our employees always have access to critical IT systems and lets me assure the business that our backups and replicas are 100% recoverable.

The StoneFly DR365 is providing the pharmaceutical firm a total backup solution for all of their physical and virtual servers and workstations in a single box. With this solution they are able to manage all of their backup operations in their datacenter or office with a single central management console.

Each DR365 appliance node can provide anywhere from a few Terabytes all of the way up to 2 Petabytes of backup and storage capacity for businesses. Every node can accommodate any combination of SATA, SAS and SSD storage tiers as required, achieving the performance needed for user requirements.

So, performance and capacity demand will never be an issue for the said Denmark pharmaceutical company as they have StoneFly DR365 on-premises.

DR365 appliances are available in integrated, high-availability modular, or scale out high-availability modular configurations. An embedded hypervisor allows backed up VMs, migrated VMs and new user-created VMs to be spun up directly on the DR365 appliance. An included Backup Agent License used exclusively for the DR365 allows for agentless backups of all Virtual Machines including Exchange, SQL, SharePoint and Active Directory servers running directly on the DR365 appliance at no extra cost.


  • By going for a StoneFly DR365 DR testing has become fast and easy for the Demark based pharma company. The StoneFly 365 backup software loaded on the appliance automatically verifies the recoverability of VM backups and replicas. StoneFly 365 backup software recovers whole VMs, files and individual items in minutes, thus helping the company in meeting SLAs.
  • After the new appliance installation, the pharmaceutical company recovered a failed VM in just five minutes following a virus incident. The legacy tool might have taken days to recover that same VM.
  • Before the deployment of StoneFly DR365, the Denmark based company didn’t know if system owners’ requests for more CPU and memory were warranted. DR365 delivers powerful monitoring and reporting that give the firm company all the information needed before expanding systems.

To know more call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly DR365-Dr site in a Box


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