All about Data Center Tiers!

Enterprise decision makers who are interested in colocating their business data to service providers might feel surprised when they hear/read about tiered data centers. The first question which pops up in their mind is what are data center tiers? What is tier 1 data center? Which tier is best for maximum uptime?

Basically speaking, Tier 1 to 4 data center is nothing but a standardized methodology used to define uptime of data center. It helps in quantifying data center performance, investment, and Return on Investment (ROI).

In order to understand better, let’s go with the 1 to 4 tiers on am individual note.

  • Tier 1- A tier 1 data center is the facility which has non redundant capacity components. Means it has single uplink and servers.
  • Tier 2- Tier 2 data center has redundant data center components. That means it has components which act when the active components fail.
  • Tier 3- In a Tier 3 data center environment, dual powered equipment and multiple links are available.
  • Tier 4- This data center facility has all components which are fault tolerant including uplinks, storage, chillers, HVAC systems, servers and so on. The components are available in dual format and servers and also high available. That means, if one goes down the other one takes up the work of the first one and that too without exposing the users to downtime.

The service availability for these data centers is as follows-

  • Tier 1- Guaranteed 99.671% availability
  • Tier 2- Guaranteed 99.741% availability
  • Tier 3- Guaranteed 99.982% availability
  • Tier 4- Guaranteed 99.995% availability.

For those businesses which need their data to be highly available, Tier 4 data centers are the best option to consider as they offer maximum uptime.

Dynamic Network Factory can help you set up a Tier 4 data center infrastructure. The company has deep knowledge in cabling and infrastructure, power and cooling, rack layout and design, security and management practices.

All of these elements, put together in the right way, can make for long-lasting IT systems and true operational efficiency for your company.

Just call them to start a conversation.


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