Are you seeking colocation services for your enterprise data?

Data Migration to a new facility often presents major challenges that have to be addressed in time and in efficient way to avoid costly mistakes. Especially, if the migration is to a data center colocation, the service provider requires not only a through evaluation of the facility, but also of the provider’s stability.

Below are the five aspects of data center migration one must thoroughly analyze before going for data migration-

How did the colocation service provider get into data center business- They are numerous instances where many companies entered into the business of data center based on profitability. Thus, better to go for a data center colocation provider that understands the industry, not a company that saw the growth and profitability prospects and decided to jump into the business. Google offers you the service of searching for a company’s history and how they got into business and where they are standing today. So, do make use of this tool. Also companies which have merger and acquisition in background may create some instability.

In addition, a provider who leases its facilities instead of owning them may not provide the stability or peace-of-mind required for your business-critical IT assets. You may also be subjected to price increases as the provider attempts to get back its acquisition costs.

How is the provider offering service to customers- A good provider will have local, on-site expertise and assistance available on 24/7 basis. This gives customers peace of mind and will offer the company a good name in the market that the support service is fast enough than expected. Therefore, a provider which is having many acquisitions in its background will have trouble providing consistent service. Restructured workforces and employee attrition could lead to service issues. Users must carefully evaluate whether a prospective provider can meet and exceed their expectations.

Better to keep a track of data center footprint of the provider- With NSA’s internet surveillance taking place in full swing, data center service seekers are interested in going for providers which offer services isolated from the snooping eyes of the government. Therefore, companies like AWS and Azure offer the privilege to users who like their servers and data hosted on foreign soil. That’s why it is better to keep a track of the facilities offered by data centers on foreign soil and decide whether you want to go such providers or the ones which are operating from US.

Going with another instance, let us suppose that a provider has acquired another data center provider’s location, it may end up with facilities within close proximity of each other. If this is the case, the acquiring provider may decide to eliminate some locations. If your location is on the chopping block you will witness down time and all your effort and cost to relocate your facility may go waste. The best option is to partner with a provider that owns and strategically locates its facilities.

How the service provider offers its services is also very much important- A major benefit for data center customers is access to facility resources and network connectivity. Does your provider offer these capabilities on its own, or does it need to partner with a third-party? In some scenarios, partnerships may not last in the long term. And a discontinuation of the partnership will affect overall user services. For instance, if the networking company doesn’t anymore support the facility, then customers will from then on deal with two service providers that may not be able to offer seamless and cost efficient service. One stop shopping experiences backup up by strong SLAs and competent on-site staff creates an attractive value proposition.

How reliable is the provider? – Unexpected downtime can make a business and even break it. This is where users need to be super cautious when it comes to selecting a reliable provider. Go for a company which has fewest number of service outages in the history. Less outage often suggests that the company is really interested in doing business for long time. To determine the level of reliability, users can keep a track of provider’s security systems, fire suppression systems, environmental controls and other measures. For example, working with Security Operations Center (SOC)-certified data centers can help assure businesses that the facility offers state-of-the-art systems and procedures.

DNF Corporation can help in data migration services from legacy data storage systems to new Hyper Scale data center infrastructure. It can also help in colocation planning.

To know more call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Corp Data Center web page


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